October 2019 Newsletter

Save The Date | Pastor Appreciation Month

Observed Day | October 13

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Prayer Corner | Join us every Thursday at 9am for prayer

Let’s pray right now! Recently, we received a phone call from one of our listeners expressing overwhelming grief at the loss of a loved one. Her broken voice and heartbreaking testimony led us to immediately pause the conversation and lead her in prayer. What a privilege we share as followers of the risen Lord Jesus Christ to stop everything and pray. The Psalmist reminds us that, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Ps. 46:1) This month we want to encourage you to be quick to pray. Pray for those who are suffering in the midst of sundry trials. Pray for those who are rejoicing. Pray! Always remember to pray.


By Bill Powell

What are the takeaways from our fall fundraiser? Obviously, we were blessed by everyone who gave. Everyone who has ever given to this ministry has been a blessing to us and more importantly to the community. Every dollar given is an investment into the work of God and the good news about the kingdom and the name of Jesus. Actually, our objective for the fall and spring fundraisers is to raise our operating funds, but it is much more than that. We live in a time of unprecedented change from the country our ancestors founded on freedoms based on biblical principles to a secular society void of biblical guidance.

It is also clear to us that just like The Cornerstone needs funds to operate, we also need to constantly work to get our name out there. For the Cornerstone to be a blessing, our community needs to know we exist and what programming we offer. It would be great to have several billboards around our listening area. We discover all too often that people new to our area are not aware we have been around since 1989 and 1979 on WMFJ. We can't afford billboards, but we have flyers and you. Help us become well known in the workplace, schools, and in the highways and byways. Give us a call or drop by for some flyers to be spread around town. Also, watch for our postings on social media. We need you to share not just locally but to all your social media connections. As Christians, we have an obligation to spread the gospel, and that is our purpose here at The Cornerstone. We hope by the next newsletter to have copies of our program guides, but for now please check out our line up on our web site at www.wjlu.org.

It is our desire through the programming of this radio ministry to provide for our community the truth of God's Word and the solutions to the common problems we all face. Whether it’s relationships, health, work, and most importantly spiritual problems, Jesus is the answer. The Bible is the instruction manual. When all else fails, read the instructions. We hope we were able to enlighten you through the fall fundraiser to raise your awareness of the wide variety of programs that will help grow you in your Christian walk. If you have trouble listening from any of the many ways to connect to us, don't hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to help. It is our desire also to have an impact on our culture. Lord knows it is needed.

Thank you all for your generous gifts to this work.


(Mat 13:47 ESV)"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was thrown into the sea and gathered fish of every kind.(Mat 13:48 ESV) When it was full, men drew it ashore and sat down and sorted the good into containers but threw away the bad.(Mat 13:49 ESV) So it will be at the close of the age. The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous (Mat 13:50 ESV) and throw them into the fiery furnace. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


By Chris Johnson

Discipleship matters! Being discipled and discipling others are both essential to fruitful Christian living. The question is how does this work out in daily life? As Christians, we are called to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18) and to go and make disciples of the peoples of the nations (Matt. 28). We are called to be diligent to do good works (Titus 3) and to come alongside one another and build one another up in the faith. As we read and study our Bibles, seek the Lord in prayer and minister to those God brings into our lives, we further the cause of Christ and promote the spreading of the Gospel. This high calling is the calling of every Christian. It’s the mission of every man and woman who’s been called of God and saved by His grace. How amazing that we have the joyful duty of living in humble submission and faithful obedience to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ? In the midst of our everyday life and it’s myriads of concerns and responsibilities, the greater focus is the work of Christ we’ve been called to. Men and women serving the Lord in every area of life. Husbands and fathers, wives and mothers serving and ministering to their families and neighbors. Young men and women sharing Jesus in their families, schools, peer groups, etc. The body of Christ serving one another and taking the message of Christ to their local and worldwide communities. All of these examples demonstrate the work of discipleship. Always being trained and always training others. We exist to be a conduit of God’s grace. As we are impacted, instructed and mature in the faith we simultaneously share Christ with the saved and unsaved alike so they too might be impacted, instructed and mature. The epitome of purposeful living is Christian living, and that’s exactly what we’ve been called to do! May the Lord strengthen us so that we might live everyday walking in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.