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11.7 | International Day of Prayer for

Persecutaed Christians



We are officially in holiday season mode! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas this a busy time for many. We pray that this holiday season would be a peaceful and restful season for families. We also pray that those who do not know Christ would be touched by the Holy Spirit as the gospel is shared. We also ask you to join us in prayer during the International day of prayer for persecuted Christians on November 7. We pray for those who suffer for the sake of Christ and those who persecute that they would come to know Christ.




By Bill Powell

One of our responsibilities as a radio station is to help make a difference in our community. As Christians, we are to help others. (Heb 13:16 NASB) And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Here is our plan for the next 2 months. Churches and 501(c)(3) ministries who are reaching out to help the public in need and provide for a wonderful Thanksgiving, we want to help you spread the word. Whether it is providing meals or bringing turkeys or food to those in need. We would like to help rally the community through free announcements, interviews, and heralding your cause. Just call us or send us the who, what, where, when, and how and the name of a contact person. We will shout out your effort and help any way we can.

Next, since we are unable to be a relay center for Operation Christmas Child, we are doubling down on our collections this Christmas. Our hearts go out to those in nursing homes. My mother-in-law had been sequestered in a home for over a year unable to have the touch of her family. Visitations were by appointment only, 2 at a time and she was not able to be taken out. The Cornerstone will be spending the next 2 months collecting items that will bring a blessing and smile to as many as we can who are shut-in or in a nursing home. Check our website, or call for a list of ideas and items to donate. It is our desire to bring a Merry Christmas to these dear Saints.

In addition, our toy drive will be in full swing again this year. If your church or ministry will be having a toy drive, let us know and we will help you promote it free of charge. If you would like to bring your toys to us, they will go to the Guardian Ad Litem children. These are children that have been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. If you have any specific needs concerning children’s toys let us know and if possible, we will see to the need.

This is strange to say since the weather has been so nice, but winter is coming. Once again, we will be collecting washed or new blankets for the homeless. Jackets, socks, and essential personal care items are also welcomed.

This year we entered the Ormond parade. We hope you come out and help us spread some Christmas cheer. Once again, the first day after Thanksgiving we begin our 100% Christian Christmas music.

May we all pitch in to help those less fortunate starting now. In this crazy upside-down world let us all have a wonderful holiday season.



By Chris Johnson

I’m thankful for the Savior who came to rescue

I’m thankful for His mercy and His grace He set on me

I’m thankful for the debt He paid when I was penniless in my dread

I’m thankful for the death He died and the wrath He bore in my stead

I’m thankful for the life He won when He raised up from the dead

I’m thankful for His eternal life He gave to me once dead

I’m thankful for His narrow way that leads to heaven’s place

I’m thankful for His soon return and His presence face to face

I’m thankful for this Jesus but I wonder if you too

Are thankful for this One who came to save a sinner like me…and like you?



By Denisha Stearns

“If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a hundred times…” Did your mom say this to you when you were growing up? Was Mom getting through? I thought my mom wasn’t. Until I found myself repeating those same words to my own children. Oh, the power of the right words at the right time! Sometimes obvious, and other times so subtle or so routine in our speech that we really don’t think hard or long about them. Yet, “a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” (Prov 25:11, KJV). Thank God for moms and their “fitly”-spoken words.

To the power of fitly-spoken words, a pregnancy advocate wrote recently (and I wish I could give due credit), “If we want to change peoples’ mindset about pregnancy, we need to begin with changing the way we speak about it.” I LOVED the suggestions that followed like, how about calling her a “mom” rather than a “mom-to-be” and saying “she has a baby” rather than “she’s going to have a baby”? Oh! Well, doesn’t that make me think something a little different. How about a change from “un-born” to “pre-born”? (Thank God for these pregnancy advocates, the crisis centers, and all babies born from their important work).

Likewise, what if we stopped calling a certain group “non-Christians” and instead used the word “Pre-Christians”? A hopeful future change? I understand if you think I am supposing upon God. Or being idealistic. Or unrealistic even. But somehow thinking about my relative, my neighbor, the visitor to church as a “pre-“ rather than as a “non” fuels my hope for bolder prayers, my deeds for more frequent witnessing. I’ll leave the future results up to the Lord. Finally, how about this fitly-spoken reminder about pre-Christians from the Apostle Paul to his Corinthian readers? “And such were some of you.” (1 Cor 6:11, KJV) And such was I. Thank God for His saving grace!



By Christina Hutchinson

Starting a new journey can be difficult and scary. But so can starting a familiar one, especially when it's tied in with traumatic experiences. Or how about a journey you've done before, but the circumstances surrounding it are now different. I think most people would say that unknowns can be intimidating. For me, it's immediate fear. There is no security for me in unknowns. It's boundless; anything could happen. Of course, those are just my thoughts and emotions distracting me from a few truths.

1. God is in control of the unknowns, and the "what

ifs" ultimately don't matter and hold no authority

over me.

2. God calls us to be faithful.

I used to think that I wanted to be fearless. But little by little I have realized that I am not called to be fearless, I'm called to be faithful. We are all called to find our strength, courage, rest, and understanding through Christ. I pray that whatever journey you are on that you would rely on the promises and truths of God's word. To know that you are indeed one of His means that any suffering or any "what if" situation, will not and cannot keep you from the ultimate joy to come of living eternally with our Father in Heaven. That's all the confidence you and I need.



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