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What is a pledge?
A pledge is a commitment of your financial support and you have the whole year to pay it. This along with current gifts allows us to budget for the year by knowing what we can expect to receive through the year. Our bills like most are monthly so it is not necessary for us to receive all gifts at one time. 
How can you help support us?


Cornerstone Broadcasting is a Christian radio ministry consisting of a family of non-commercial radio stations and is funded by the generous gifts from our listeners. We are a 501 (C) (3) Not for profit and have been members of the Evangelical council for financial accountability for the past 15 years. We take the stewardship of this ministry seriously and operate on the highest of ethical standards.

You can give in person, by mail or electronically through our web site or app. Our giving site is secure and none of your personal data is stored on our servers. You can use your credit card, check card or use pay Pal. To receive our free app search cornerstone radio at your app store. If you would like to know more about us and how you can help this ministry go forward please call and ask for our general manager Bill Powell.

Pledge Your Support: This means you will make good on the pledge amount at a later date.

Online Donations: A quick way to donate and show your support, simply click the link below.


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