October 2107 Newsletter

Save The Date- Pastor Appreciation Day October 8th

Prayer Corner- Please pray for the continues recovery from Hurricane Irma in our community and state. Also, pray for those who have been impacted by major natural disasters around the world who face devastating losses and are continuing to recover and rebuild. Should they know Jesus, may his everlasting love and peace surround them through this difficult time.

Faithful 500 part 2

By Bill POwell

When I left you last time, I was explaining how we had incurred numerous equipment breakdowns. And as I wrote my article, lightning hit our building at WMFJ and took out the line to the building, the meter can, and the meter. As I explained, our equipment failures were not caused by old equipment going bad but by lightning and odd failures. Then, I also mentioned the costs from Hurricane Matthew. Matthew meet Irma. Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

Here is a copy of the email I sent to the Board of Directors on 9/21/2017. By the time you receive this, we should be back 100%, just a little lighter in the wallet. This is probably the best way to explain the events of the last month.

Sorry, I haven't done a very good job updating everyone; it has been a roller coaster.

As of today at 2pm, this is where we stand:

New Smyrna is finally off-generator, so as of yesterday, all is well on 89.7. We were only off the air one day. The only damage was a tree we had to cut down in the driveway.

90.3, including St.Augustine, is up and running with the exception of the phone line. Thanks, in part to Dave Murray, we were only off the air three days. No damage except the phone line.

Deland 97.3- no problems, off just when 89.7 was off for one day.

Deltona 102.7- Duke Energy was very slow. No damage, but power was out until today. The only reason it was fixed today was because the Spanish station owner who rents space in our equipment box flagged down a Duke truck. We called them several times, and each time, they assured us it would be back by the end of the day.

Key West is down, but praise the Lord no flooding or damage to our equipment that we know of. It all seems to be running. We don't have internet, so we can't access it or get our signal there. But AT&T is scheduled to come fix it tomorrow between 9am and 1pm.

The big problem is WMFJ. The building flooded about a foot. This has never happened to my knowledge before, ever. The generator malfunctioned, so when we lost power, we lost internet, email, and the FTP site. The generator repair guy had to order parts. When the parts came it still had a problem. We are waiting for more parts, and there is a chance it is ready for the trash heap. We had trouble getting the power on to be able to assess the damage to the equipment. Once again, thanks to Dave Murray who knew a guy that expedited getting us power. The transformer got wet, and the transmitter would not start, blowing the breaker. Lou found the cause of that, and we are waiting for parts. When that is fixed, there is still a chance there are additional problems. We won't know until that gets fixed. We keep getting calls, some not so nice, wondering if we are coming back.

The studios became like a castle with a moat around it. Everyone on each side was flooded, and the properties in the back (up to our building) were flooded. The generator came on and was on for a day and a half. Our downstairs air conditioner got water in it and had to be repaired. Thank God, that is all the damage here at the Studios. You could have sailed a sailboat behind us.

Last but not least, we were scheduled to have our fall fundraiser last week but had to reschedule to next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We are seeking 500 faithful listeners to give $100 dollars each. As of now, we need 380. We are pleased at what we have collected so far. We need 500 and cannot stop the campaign until we reach 500. We will only interrupt programming for 3 days. We are optimistic. Unfortunately, this is what we needed prior to Irma. We have incurred several thousand dollars in costs not expected because of Irma.

As always, we will trust the Lord to provide what we need. Let’s face it; this could have been way worse. We are thankful. We are blessed and highly favored.

Psa 50:5 "Gather to me my faithful ones, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice!"

Psa 50:6 The heavens declare his righteousness, for God himself is judge! Selah