October Newsletter 2016

Prayer Corner: It's a challenging, sometimes heartbreaking, often thankless job, but being a pastor is a noble calling. Please remember our pastors in prayer this month. Pray for grace, courage, fortitude, and peace for these faithful servants. Ask your pastor if he has a special request you can pray about!

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Oct 1 - Port Orange Family Days

Oct 6 - Bring Your Bible to School Day

Oct 10 - Columbus Day

Humbled &


Bill Powell

A common question I get lately is how did you do? Of course the question is in regards to the Fall Fundraiser. Monetarily, we didn’t reach our goal but we were happy that we did better than last year. I have to say, things will be a little tight due to the fact we have had some expenses that weren’t expected this summer, but we should make it. We may have to pull our belt a few notches tighter. We were thrilled to hear from some folks in St. Augustine. One lady wrote, “Thanks Chris & Christina for the comfort and joy every day,” and another lady wrote, “Love the station; no commercials and not too much talk. I love David Jeremiah.” Our goal was $50,000 and we ended up at $29,000. The money is only part of what we received.

Let me give you a few takeaways from the fund raiser. I was overjoyed to know that you, our listeners, get it. What I mean by that is that you get the fact that the Cornerstone belongs to the Lord and is a gift and blessing to the community. You get that we are stewards and that this ministry cannot exist without all of us collectively. You get that this is a light in the darkness. You realize that yes, The Cornerstone is a blessing in your life, but more importantly it is there for those who are lost. I had two different people tell me that they don’t listen a lot but they believe in what we are doing. They see the decline in our society, and The Cornerstone needs to remain strong in our community.

One other takeaway is that people are listening online, and there are many communities around our country that do not have what we do. One lady from Atlanta said she knows of many Christian radio stations in her community and on the internet but prefers to listen to us. We have listeners in Arizona, Louisiana, Ohio and Canada, and many other places around the country and world. Those numbers are not large, but the cost for providing the opportunity is minimal.

We are humbled that you see the value in what we do. We are grateful that you would reach into your personal finances to give. We know for many it is a sacrifice and that there are pulls on your purse from every direction. Thank you for believing and thank you for praying. This is a missionary work and we are all missionaries. The field is ripe for harvest.

Do you not say, 'There are yet four months, then comes the harvest'? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest. - John 4:35

Bill Powell

Its Fall Ya’ll!

Chris Johnson

“Its Fall Ya’ll!” That’s what my wife wrote on our wall calendar to mark the end of Summer 2016! I can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure glad the new season has arrived, as I know the promise of cooler temperatures is soon to be fulfilled! I love the autumn season for many reasons including the growing number of things to enjoy with family and friends. My family and I are already making plans for the next few months and I’ll bet you are too. Here at The Cornerstone we are always looking for ways to serve our community, and one of the ways we’ve accomplished this over the years is through our Ministry on the Move program! The MOM’s, as we affectionately call them, are announcements made over the airwaves and posted on our website which serve to alert our listeners to various church events taking place throughout Volusia, Flagler & St Johns counties. We’ve promoted hundreds if not thousands of events over the years, and we are excited to continue that tradition in the busy months ahead.

Why does this matter to you and your family? Tons of family-friendly activities are just waiting for you. Listen up for the Ministry on the Move announcements which air multiple times per hour on The Cornerstone. Tune in to hear our dear friend Jack Bright as he brings you the latest event information. If something catches your ear and you’d like to know more, you can always go straight to our website at www.WJLU.org! Click on the “Event Calendar” link and you’ll find an elaborate listing of events taking place in our local community. It’s that easy and before you know it your family’s calendar will be like mine, filled with many exciting outings for the whole family to enjoy together. It’s time to get out there and enjoy the many things our communities have to offer!