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September 2019 Newsletter


Labor Day: September 2nd

Fall Fundraiser: September 25-27

Port Orange Family Days: September 26

PRAYER CORNER | Join us every Thursday mornings @ 9am for prayer

Please continue to pray for all students- juvenile and adult- who began their studies recently. Some may still be adjusting to the expectations of teachers or to the different morals and values in the school environment. Please ask the Father’s blessings on The Cornerstone’s Fall Fundraiser and on our budget for the remainder of this year. Pray for the Lord to keep any named storms from populated areas, including ours, so that people will not suffer loss.



by Bill Powell

We made it from March through September. Now its time to make it from October to March. We are listener-supported, and without you, The Cornerstone does not exist. We rely on your help via your time, talent, and treasure. The time many have spent and the talents that have contributed to this ministry’s growth, maintenance, and expertise is staggering. I encourage you to check out our About Us page on our web site It will give you a better picture of our history. Our appreciation is something we carry with us each and every day. We are humbled and will never forget the efforts so many have made to allow us to provide for our community a quality radio ministry that far exceeds our size and budget.

Then, there is the treasure that has paid for this work of the living God that has continued since 1994. So many have given so much. How could we ever express our gratitude? We serve an enormous God with limitless capacity. When you give to The Cornerstone, you are giving to the work He has called us to do. We live in a dark world, and He uses us- you and me- to spread the light. Thank you to everyone who has made this ministry possible- from the widow’s mite to the large gifts that have allowed us to do things we never thought possible. If you have given one dollar or several thousand, collectively we have brought the Good News to thousands of people.

The work is not done until Jesus returns. Who will help us go forward? Lives need changed, and souls need saved. Won’t you be part of the future? We are looking for the equivalent of 500 people to give $100. This will provide the balance of the operating expense we will need to get us through until the spring. Our theme is,” Make us Part of your Mix, Part of Your Life”. Join us September 25th through 27th as we look to you to fund the work of The Cornerstone.

You will want to tune in as we make a gallant effort to show you why and how you should make us, “part of your mix part of your life”. You will be surprised at just how much programming you may be missing. If you don’t get our AM station, or maybe your reception isn’t great, we will be able to explain the many ways you can get pristine audio wherever you live from both our AM and FM programming. We have also produced a flyer that highlights who we are and what we have to offer. You can help us get the word out. If you have a place where some of these can be placed for anyone to pick up, give us a call, and we can get you some of the flyers.

One last thing. Each day during the fundraiser, you will have a chance to win the opportunity to ensure you will make us a “part of your mix, part of your life”.

From the heart, thank you in advance, Bill




by Chris Johnson

When was the last time you begged someone for the opportunity to give your money to a missionary cause? Have you ever asked that question at all? I would imagine that many would have to answer, “No, never!” Why do we give money to various causes anyway? What is it that triggers our desire to give? I’m not going to attempt to answer that question in this short article but I would like to offer a few thoughts.

In my opinion, our desire and action of giving are directly linked to our belief in what we’re giving to! Sure, some people give out of compulsion or a misguided sense of guilt, but the New Testament paints a different picture in terms of giving. For starters, the Apostle Paul wrote, “God loves the cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7). This idea of cheerfulness is linked to the reality that a generous person is a cheerful person. Take a moment and think with me how many people you’ve met in your lifetime who truly loved to give of themselves, their time and/or their money. More often than not, these people are incredibly cheerful in their generosity. That’s due to their belief that what they’re doing matters. It matters to God, and it matters to the particular cause or issue they’re supporting.

During my time at The Cornerstone, I’ve met some incredibly cheerful givers! They love to give and truly want to give to the Lord’s work here. I’ve been so encouraged by these men and women, and moreover, I’ve been challenged to become more cheerful in my own giving as well. Just the other day I couldn’t help but smile and rejoice with a man who came into our studios joyfully declaring his excitement to support the proclamation of the gospel over the Cornerstone’s airwaves. In fact, that man reminded me of the passage in 2 Corinthians 8:4, where Paul commended the Thessalonians and said they were “begging us with much urging for the favor of participation in the support of the saints.”

As we launch our 2019 Fall Fundraiser, we’re praying for cheerful brothers and sisters in Christ to come alongside and help us continue the work of Christ throughout East Central Florida. We count a joy to be a missionary to our community and pray the Lord will impress upon your heart to support his work through these radio airwaves. Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering how you might support the Cornerstone this month!



by Christina Hutchinson

Well, it’s time for our 2019 Fall Fundraiser We have some catching up to do before the year ends, and let’s face it 2020 is walking up our driveway and approaching our doorstep. Didn’t you hear Christmas is tomorrow?! Alright, alright, calm down. Didn’t mean to get you all flustered! Yes, time is going by fast but we’re not yet out of time. The point I’m trying to make is that the future of The Cornerstone is a timely matter.

The other day at our youth group we were asked the question, “When you think of God, what is one attribute that comes to mind?” I found it so hard to choose on the spot like that but the first one that came to mind was: Sustainer. I guess I thought of that because of how many times throughout my life God has truly sustained me. He has sustained me through life’s trials, some of the hardest moments in my life. He has sustained me through great times too! See we aren’t only reliant on Christ when hard times hit us, but it is a constant leaning and trusting through every moment of every day.

God sustains us through different means in our life through family, friends, church family, or even this very radio station. The Cornerstone has become a lifeline to so many people and they lovingly send us their support. Why? Because when you make us a part of your mix, and there are many ways to do so, you have made us a part of your life. The Cornerstone is here for you and with you throughout your journey. Whether the journey is rough or smooth sailing. God has provided The Cornerstone for you listener, to be a lifeline and to sustain you through it all. If you believe The Cornerstone has become a part of your life, and you see the value in what God has provided for you here, would you consider being a means of sustaining us by calling in a pledge this fall? I certainly hope so! God Bless.




by Denisha Stearns

Quite a few years ago, when the Gators were just beginning their unprecedented ride to football fame with Spurrier in the saddle, I spent two years at the University of Florida, studying for a degree in (of all things) anthropology. I wanted to understand and know people; if I knew other people, perhaps I could know myself better. Anthropology fascinated me with its sub-disciplines of culture, primatology, and archaeology with a little geology thrown in.

And yes, I was educated in the theory of evolution, Darwinism, and claims to an earth billions of years old. For me as a college student of twenty with no Bible knowledge or Christian education, the “theories” of this discipline weren’t a tough sell. I had learned throughout my upbringing to trust and listen to those in authority. I believed that all professors were smart and right. They taught us to believe the so-called evidence they presented to their eager students.

Not much later, though, I found out that evolution and an old earth actually require faith to believe, and more faith than is asked of the opposing Biblical view- the creativity of God and a “young” earth. I have The Cornerstone partly to thank for that. Just a few years after leaving UF, I began listening to The Cornerstone and to the program we still run today called Creation Moments. Creation Moments doled out in two-minute segments scientific evidence that pointed to a Biblical creation, described in the Bible, as a valid theory. It also gave evidence from archaeology that proves the Bible as a valid source of history and of truth itself.

I’m a bit older and just a bit wiser now, and I love what I do here at The Cornerstone. So, I have no regrets about my current job path. When I hear of every new discovery made by scientists and archaeologists that proves the Bible is true, it gets me cheering on the inside. Creation Moments and Science, Scripture, and Salvation, are two programs that help me share this truth with others, especially with people taught otherwise in our educational system. Questions still make me pause often and require me to exercise faith, perhaps until I get to heaven, but I have learned that “in the beginning, God…” Every answer about ourselves, about people, and about life begins and ends with our Almighty God.



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