December 2020


12.24 | Christmas Eve

12.25 | Christmas Day

12.31 | New Years Eve

1.1.21 | New Years Day


We hope this Christmas season you will display Christ like never before. Share the joy of the gospel with those around you along with Christmas cheer. As we look ahead to 2021, we pray that you can look back on 2020 and find things to be thankful and grateful for even through the hardships of this year. As always we look forward to the years to come, submit to God’s will for our lives, and stand ready for His coming. What a joyous day it will be when we see Jesus face to face.


By Bill Powell

Let’s face it- there are gifts, then there are gifts. This gift I am talking about is better than a Lexus with a ribbon on it. It's better than a puppy and even better than a vacation. Think about this- who can give a gift that is better than anything you can think of and will be given to everyone in our community? Yes, this gift is to the whole community but individually. So, you understand this is a physical gift. Something you and everyone can use. It won't wear out, get used up, or go out of style. Another nice thing about this gift is that you can share it. You should share it and not just keep it for yourself.

Now, you may be saying this is a trick or a bait-and-switch. No, it is exactly how I described it. The last time a gift like this was given to our community was in 1935 and repurposed in 1978. The best thing about it is that it comes from God (and only after much prayer), and many if not most of you are how this gift was made possible. Enough, Bill, what is it?

The gift is a new radio station that will carry all the programs that play on WMFJ 1450 AM, only on an FM frequency. It will be on 96.9 and will be broadcast from New Smyrna Beach on our tower near SR 44. Its full reach we will not know for sure until we turn it on. We DO know it will be heard in New Smyrna, Edgewater, Oak Hill, and at least to Port Orange and South Daytona. Once this is done, we will make the AM programming available on 97.3 from South Daytona to Flagler Beach. Not sure how far west it will reach just yet.

We have known for a long time that most people do not listen to AM radio. It has always been our feeling that most of our listeners are missing out on the wealth of Christian programming on WMFJ. The other advantage is that FM is stereo, and AM is not. Plus, FM doesn’t get fuzzy at night like AM. Many people in New Smyrna and south have never had the advantage of picking up WMFJ. Many of you will enjoy the clear stereo sound from the programs you love, especially at night. A few other nice features about it is that the cost after installation will be minimal because it will broadcast from our tower. No tower rent to pay or land to buy.

We currently have the construction permit and all the equipment, including the antenna and transmitter. Our goal, which should be realistic, is to turn it on sometime before the end of this year. Hopefully in time for Christmas. Why is this better than a Lexus? This is programming with eternal consequences. It is our prayer many will tune in and be discipled and either come to know the Lord or grow in their current faith.

Merry Christmas. To us a Savior was born, and he is Christ the Lord!


By Chris Johnson

In Matthew 2, the Magi came to Jerusalem to inquire as to the location of the newly born king of the Jews. The reason for the inquiry was their desire to worship Him. This is an incredible thing to consider because babies are born every day around the world. In fact, sometimes those babies are born into royal families and given royal titles. Yet, how many of them are sought out by perfect strangers in order that they might be worshipped?

To worship Jesus Christ is the highest calling of every person in the world. The Bible tells us in Philippians 2 that one day, “every knee will bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” This reality is more sure than the sun coming up tomorrow and it ought to cause us to pause and reflect on our own lives. Do we worship King Jesus? Does our life testify that we not only believe in Christ, but we actively follow Him? Do we long for his return with great anticipation? Do we search the Scriptures and meditate on the Word of God so that we might grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord? Do we truly worship Him?

The Christmas season is not simply a time of holiday leisure, brilliant light displays, gift-giving, and more. Those things are truly wonderful and a delight to the soul. We give thanks for every ounce of joy and happiness that can be drawn from the season. Yet, we know that the greater message, the greatest news, is that Christ has come. The Magi weren’t on a wild goose chase. Their mission was one of the highest importance because the Person whom they were to finally meet was the One who had created the very world they lived in, fashioned their very bodies in their mother’s wombs, and had come to be the source of sal