June 2016 Newsletter

WOW! Bill Powell

Wow! Where do I start? I can hardly contain myself. I am so excited! We have done some

pretty cool things in the past but I think this tops them all. When we first came up with the idea, we thought this should be pretty good. I have to say we never expected it to be this good. Words like, awesome, fantastic, over-the-top, best ever, come to my mind. What is also so amazing about this is how little it cost us. We realize when you give to this ministry, it is to reach people with the gospel and not to buy prizes to give away, but we do want to have a little fun and give back.

I can hear you now saying, “Sounds exciting.” Actually you are probably saying, “Enough already! What is it?” It is “The Cornerstone Summer Holiday Stay-cation Giveaway.” Wait until you hear what were going to give away! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. We thought -- summer is upon us and for many the plan for a vacation is out of the question. That is where the stay-cation comes in. We are going to give away four stay-cations, your chance to have a vacation without leavin