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About Chris

Born in Tampa Florida in 1983, my family moved to the small rural town of Branford, Florida when I was five years old. My earliest memories are filled with the various aspects of the Christian life including being taught the Scriptures by my parents and engaged in church life and the fellowship of fellow believers. I thank God for my upbringing because I can honestly say I have never known a time in my life when the knowledge of my Creator and the life and work of Jesus Christ were absent. 

I turned to Christ as Savior and Lord at an early age, I couldn’t’ tell you the exact moment or date but my understanding that I was a great sinner and Jesus Christ a great savior was a ever forming reality as I grew up. I love the Bible and have been told that it was not a rare discovery to find me in my bedroom sharing the message of Jesus with my stuffed animals. Those early years of “ministry” lead to a hunger and thirst to be used by the Lord in his work. I remember singing songs and even preaching a few Wednesday night’s here and there at my home church. 

I met my wife Stephanie when I was 12 years old. She had moved from North Carolina to Florida in the summer of 1994. We met for the first time at vacation Bible school that same summer. Later that year she showed up at my school to visit for the day. From that day forward I was hooked. Unfortunately in the spring of 1995, she and her family moved to Daytona Beach. I was crushed, my first love had left me, but as God would have it six years later on July 3, 2001, I moved to Daytona Beach. Two years later on September 20, 2003, we were married and today we have two sons, (Noah & Levi), a pug named Otis and a dachshund named Chloe. 

I started at Cornerstone in January of 2005 and am so excited for the opportunity that God has given me to minister to the Volusia, Flagler and St. Johns communities through the years. To be a part of what God is doing through this ministry is an honor and I give Him all of the glory for it. Additionally, I serve as the youth pastor of Crosswalk Church in Daytona Beach. I thank God for His mercy and grace that he has poured out on my life and it is my prayer that in everything we continue to bring glory to the one who has saved us!

Chris Johnson


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