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About Christina

Hi there! Welcome to The Cornerstone Website

I hope you have been enjoying all the fun features and getting to know us!


My name is Christina Hutchinson,

I am an on-air host at The Cornerstone, but I'm also a wife, daughter, sister, and a proud aunt of many nieces and nephews! I've been married to Ryan Hutchinson for 4 years.

* Did I mention I'm a proud aunt?

What brought me to The Cornerstone?

God's providence is simply, amazing.

Let me just give you a little history...

Ryan and I are musicians and we did a lot of traveling back and forth to Nashville in 2012-2015. That actually led to a temporary move up there in January of 2015, but things did not work to plan (at least not to ours.) God had a totally different plan for us, and it became more and more clear when we had to move back home. I wasn't all that thrilled with the move up there to begin with, for a few different reasons. First and foremost, I knew what I would miss the most was our church family at Crosswalk Church. As you probably know, Chris Johnson is the youth pastor there (he's the other on-air host here and program director). 

So, during our transition of moving back and the period of time where were asking "Where does God really want us?" Ryan went on a snowboarding trip and received a shoulder injury. Unfortunately that put us out of work because at the time our only income was playing acoustic gigs around town and well, he couldn't strum the guitar for a couple months.

Throughout this time we just kept praying and waiting. Then Chris informed me that a position opened up here at the radio station, and asked me if I would consider it. My first reaction was "Me a radio host? Have you ever heard me try to give a speech or just talk about details for something, I am NOT a speaker- I'm a singer..." So I prayed about it and during our time on a youth trip, the story of Moses was told. Exodus 6:30 But Moses said to the LORD, "Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharaoh listen to me?" BUT God wanted him! Regardless of Moses's insecurity- he was to obey God's command and he did. Well, there was my conviction. Everything I had been praying about had been brought to light in that one simple verse. I remember instantly smiling and thinking ok Lord, I will go where you will have me go! And here I am!  It truly is a blessing to work here. I'm not just a voice on the radio, I'm doing God's work for His ministry. He has gifted me with many talents, and its a pleasure to be bring glory to Him when I use them. 

Aside from being an on-air host I also do graphic design, and I even designed this website! I really hope you all enjoy it and I pray that you see Christ in all we do!

-Christina Hutchinson


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