January 2017 Newsletter

Prayer Corner

New Year - New President. Please join us as we pray for our nation and the changes that will be coming. Pray for our incoming administration, that God's people will continue to enjoy the liberty of free worship and that we will be able to "live peaceful and godly lives in Christ Jesus."

Looking Ahead

Jan 15 - Sanctity of Human Life Day

Many Thank you's !

For several years our listeners have lavished gifts on nursing home residents and foster children, and we get to hear all the thanks for it. We just want to give credit where credit is due - to you!


This year we added a little personal touch. Along with your gifts, Chris and Christina also shared the Christmas story and sang carols with the residents for a great Christmas celebration. We had enough donations for everyone to receive a gift of their own, and they enjoyed singing along to some classic favorites!


This was the year of the bike! We had about a dozen bikes donated, along with dolls, stuffed animals, monogrammed cuddly toys, coloring books and crayons, story books, trucks and cars, and so-o-o-o much more. The children in the Guardian ad Lidem program were lavishly blessed by you. Thank you from all of them and from us!

The Year in Review

By Bill Powell

As I pondered the year 2016, the first thing that came to mind is where did it go? It appears we are stuck in hyper drive. The next thing that came to mind is how every year has a mixture of the same kinds of things. The seasons come and go; however, I believe last year was the first year I can remember we didn’t have a single frost. And it sure isn’t every year we have a hurricane come to visit. I hope I can get my roof, fascia, and siding redone on my house by spring. Although The Cornerstone was spared a catastrophe, there were many problems caused by the storm, and we had approximately $8000 in damage that was not budgeted for. Catastrophe didn’t come to everyone, but it did come to some.

Many of us lost someone last year who is now in the Celestial City, as we here miss them. We are sorry for your loss. One day we will all be singing in the heavenly choir, praises to the Lord at His feet. My guess is if you can’t sing now, when we get our new bodies we will all sing like angels.

Elections come every year and wow, this past one was a doozey. We were unable to interview the candidates like we usually do because the hurricane damage took up the time we needed to pull it off. It seems it’s ok now to say Merry Christmas. I saw a meme on face book that had Donald Trump sitting in the oval office. Standing in front of him was Jesus and Santa Claus, and the caption was "Welcome back, gentlemen." I do hope 2017 slows down the political strife in our nation. Last year was one for the record books. Continue to pray for revival.

We were able to add a few new programs in 2016. WMFJ added Elizabeth Elliott, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, and Joni and Friends. The FM added a few new church services on Sunday morning. I hope you check out our newly improved web site and print yourself a copy of our program guides.

Time and space don’t permit a total review of all the wonderful people we were able to interact with throughout the year. We met many new faces and interacted with many of you through the different ministries we were engaged in. The Cornerstone family is the best radio audience in the world. You are all special to us.

Many things, however, do not change, thank God. The Lord is sovereign and continues to use this ministry to reach people. We continue to be faithful in bringing you and all who have ears to hear the best in sound Biblical teaching and Music with a Message. We continue to need your prayers and financial support. The Bible is and always will be the tool the Lord has given us to reveal Himself and what is expected of us. Our hope is the same eternal life for each of us and those whom we love. Jesus is now and will always be our Savior.

We’re excited about next year. There are many irons in the fire and plans in the pipe line. We are going to continue to be a Ministry on the Move. It is our desire that the Cornerstone family will grow and hearts will be changed. We thank you all for how you have supported us throughout the years. We will continue to pray for you and ask you to please pray for us.